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Zamorah Danrich vs. Ericka Batist’e

Zamorah Danrich is not only a makeup line its a brand, it's known for beautiful colors and great pigments that scream BOLD, CLASSY and CONFIDENCE all under one roof.

Zamorah Danrich also known as Ericka Batist’e has worked with tons of celebrities such as Angel Brinks, Rosa Acosta, Dizzy Wright, Draya Michele, Chris Brown, as well as many more. As a celebrity wardrobe stylist. Science has always been her favorite subject and she has always had a passion for make up.

Her drive to really explore her passion manifested when took the lead and as make-up artist on her deceased mother who passed July 4th 2010. She was told by her sister Jazae Katura she should make it into a career. Zamorah then took her dancing money and invested it into a business to and created a cosmetic line. A line that targets women of color as she quotes "black is beautiful, lets embrace it". Her line is what she calles "bold and classy with a little bit of sassy.

Zamorah has always had a big heart and plans on starting a charity foundation in the near future. She recently did a fashion show for those who suffer from down syndrome and wants to help out tremendously.She has set a goal and plans on splitting some of her profits with ST.Jude Hospital to help those in need.